Monday, September 7, 2015

Jaan Sidorov Peer Reviewed Publications

Boards of Directors and Governance

Sidorov J: Using problem-based wisdom to transform governance oversight to insight. Healthcare Transformation June 2016, ahead of print.
Sidorov J: Just what the doctor ordered? Physician participation in health care organization corporate boards. American J Medical Quality Published online before print September 8, 2015, doi: 10.1177/1062860615604021. This commentary describes the several of the evidence-based value propositions of having practicing physicians being members of health care organization boards of directors
Sidorov J: Best practices for health outcomes reporting. Population Health Management 2015. This "Point Of View" editorial recommends ten best outcome-reporting practices for corporate boards that oversee health provider companies.
Sidorov J: As I see things. There's something happenin' here.  Inside Medical Liability Fourth Quarter 2015;44-45. An article on the advantages of growing diversity among the boards of the member companies of the PIAA.

Predictive Modeling, Risk Stratification, Big Data

McAna J, Maio V, Louis D, Goldfarb N, Sidorov JE, Din F, Novinger B: A predictive model of hospitalization risk among disabled Medicaid enrolleesAm J Manag Care. 2013;19(5):e166-e174.

Hollenbeak CS, Chirumbole M, Novinger B, Din F, Sidorov JE: Predictive models for diabetes patients in Medicaid. Population Health Management  2011;14(5):239-242.

Sidorov JE, Shull RE: ‘My patients are sicker’: Using the ‘Pra’ risk survey for case finding and examining primary care site utilization patterns in a Medicare risk HMO. Am J Managed Care 2002;8:569-575

Sidorov JE, Shull RD, Girolami S, Mensch D: Use of the Short Form 36 in a primary care-based disease management program for patients with congestive heart failure. Disease Management 2003;6(2):111-117

Health Information Technology

Sidorov, JE: Computer assisted technology: Not if, not when, but how (edit).  J Gen Int Med 2006;21:201-202.

Medical Home

Social Media

Sidorov JE: Social media and population-based care management. Population Health Management 2010 13(4):175-176

Diabetes Care Management

Sidorov JE, Shull R, Tomcavage S, Girolami S, Lawton N, Harris R: Does diabetes disease management save money and improve outcomes? Diabetes Care 2002;25:684-689

Sidorov JE, Gabbay R, Harris R, Shull R, Girolami S, Tomcavage J, Starkey R, Hughes R:  Disease Management for Diabetes Mellitus.  The impact on the hemoglobin A1C at three months and one year for 5,332 patients entering an HMO sponsored disease management programAm J Manag Care 2000;6:1217-1226

Wolf DL, Kemmis KL, Kavookjian J, Largay J, Zrebiec JF, Sidorov JE, Compton TB, Cox C, Ernst K, Scheiner G, Soni N, Butler PC, Sherr D, Kolb L, Fitzner K: Strategies for improving physical activity participation among individual with diabetesSelf Care 2011;2(2):25-40 

Ibrahim I, Beich J, Sidorov J, M, Gabbay R: Measuring outcomes of a diabetes disease management program in an HMO. South Med Journal 2002;95(1):78-87

Sidorov, JE, Sobel LS, Paulick PE: What is the Return on Investment Associated with Diabetes DM? Disease Management & Health Outcomes 2003;11:565-70

Other Care Management

Organization of care management programs....

Fitzner K, Sidorov JE, Fetterolf D et al: Principles for assessing disease management outcomesDisease Management 2004;7:191-201.

Sidorov JE: MD Disease management is not only here to stay but it is bigger than you realizePhysician Executive 2002;28:22-24

Sidorov JE, Schlosberg C: Disease management and the Medicare Modernization ActDisease Management 2005;8:331-338.

 Sidorov JE: Does the chronic care model signal changes for disease management? Managed Care.  2007 (Sept.);36-41

Sidorov JE: Disease management grows up (edit.).  Population Health Management 2009;12(1):1-2

Sidorov JE: Designing programs for populations with chronic care needs: A blanket or a quilt? Am J of Managed Care 2009; 15(9): 572-573

Sidorov JE: Learning from our mistakes. Population Health Management 2011;14(S1):S51-S52

Heart failure....

Tobacco cessation.....

Sidorov JE, Christianson M, Girolami S, Wydra C:   A successful primary care nurse led tobacco cessation program in a managed care settingAm J Managed Care 1997;3:207-214.


Soucy B, Sidorov JE:  Asthma and disease management.  History and development with an integrated healthcare systemDisease Management 1998;1:259-268.

Sidorov, JE, Fitzner K: Obesity disease management.  Opportunities and barriers Obesity 2006;14:645-649.

Sidorov JE: Introduction. Obesity and the search for solutions (edit.)  Disease Management.  2007;10:s1-s2.


Epstein RS, Sidorov JE, Lehner J-P, Slimi T: Integrating scientific research and real world evidence within and beyond the drug development process. Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research
January 2012;1(1s):9-13

Sidorov JE: Injectable Sticker Shock: A Call to Action (Stakeholder Perspective). Am Health and Drug Benefits November/December 2012:5(7):421-422

Sidorov JE: Back to the future:  Managed Care Interface 2007;20(7):28-30

Miscellaneous publications from long ago.....

Sidorov JE:  Aspergillosis in a healthy hostSouth Med J  1988; 81:679-80.

Sidorov JE:  Quinine Sulfate for leg cramps:  Does it work?  J Am Geriatar Soc. 1993; 41:498-500.

Pfeifer MP, Sidorov JE, Smith AC, Boero JF, Evans AT, Settle MB, and the EOL Study Group:  The discussion of end-of-life medical care by primary care patients and physicians.  A multicenter study using structured qualitative interviews. J Gen Int Med 1994; 9:82-88.


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